The Board Members

Annisa Pohan, Co-Founder and Trustee

Annisa has always been active in promoting the true meaning of humanity: ‘loving, sharing and caring for others in need’. She translates her passion in helping those less fortunate people into various tangible actions through Tunggadewi Foundation, a non-profit organization which focuses on supporting and empowering women and children in Indonesia. Through Tunggadewi Foundation she invites more and more people from different walks of life to express their social empathy and responsibility. For her, this is a lifetime commitment that shall be passed on to the next generations. Annisa completed her undergraduate study in Economic Development from Padjajaran University, and her Master Degree in Management from the University of Indonesia,

Aliya Rajasa, Co-Founder and Co-Chairperson

Is the co-founder of Tunggadewi Foundation. She completed her undergraduate study in Business Management from Bandung Institute of Technology in 2007 and had her Master Degree in Brand Management from lstituto Marangoni, London, UK. Working in the social field has been her passion since she was in college, where she and her friends formed a student organization called Satoe Indonesia.

Sheila Herbowo, Co-Founder and Co-Chairperson

Co-Founder of Tunggadewi Foundation, Sheila is a Parsons the New School for Design alumnae, New York, USA, majored in interior design and currently has her own interior design firm in Jakarta. She is now studying for her Master Degree in Arts and Economics, in Utrecht, Netherlands. Sheila has a passion for passing on her knowledge to future generations about caring for the environment.

Selly Vitria Harahap, General Secretary

Selly holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from Padjadjaran University. She believes that education must encompass all aspects of human life where parents and local environment provide the initial support that will nurture all from early stage in order to become useful members of family and society. Indeed, it leads her to achieve an International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy for Early Childhood.

Sarah A. Djanaka, Financ e Directors

A Bachelor of Psychology graduate from Maranatha Christian University, Sarah began her career as a part-time assistant lecturer at Maranatha Christian University, as a Child Personality Trainer in the Woodcamp Organization and an active member of the working team to launch Indonesia’s first Defense University.

Laksmi Mayesti Wijayanti, Secretary

A heartwarming and passionate educator, she has been teaching for 21 years. She is currently a doctoral candidate in educational leadership at Universitas pelita Harapan. She is also a head of curriculum department in a growing digital platform for education in the era of industry 4.0.

Anandita Ayudya, Treasurer and Marketing Manager

“T he world is everyone’s home with its own uniqueness” Dita Ayudya loves travelling to many countries to study the uniqueness of different people. She realizes that no one can live alone without a community. Indeed, a good community will create strong personality and independence of its individuals, and there by, strengthen the community itself. She graduated with Bachelor of Art from Indiana University in Bloomington, USA.

Venny Veronica, Human Resources Manager

Venny holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from the Christian University of Atma Jaya who has always been intrigued with the subject of Human Development.T his passion and her devotion to help others have motivated her to be a part of the Tunggadewi Foundation. Holding the position in the Learning & Talent Management Team of the energy company where she works, Venny has volunteered to be invloved in many of her company’s social and community respondsibility activities.

Dwi Santi Vitorini, Public Relations

After graduating from the Architecture Faculty of Parahyangan Catholic University,V itorini went on to earn her Master Degree in the History, Theory, and Criticism of Architecture with Cum-Laude honours from the Bandung Institute of Technology. Vitorini is a lecturer in the Architectural Faculty of Parahyangan Catholic University and hopes that through Tunggadewi Foundation she will be able to reinvent new ideas that will help social change for the benefit of women and children and create a stronger new generation of Indonesians.

Syarinta Kamaranti, Media and Promotion Manager

Jakarta born Syarinta completed studies into Japanese Culture and Literature at the University of Indonesia and immediately embarked on a career with Femina Group’s Indonesian Parenting magazine to satisfy a passion for the media and magazines.As the coordinator of a Public Relation and Publicity Coordinator, Syarinta hopes the foundation can help Indonesia to fight one of its biggest problems, illiteracy.

Diestra Karteniza, Member of Executive Boards

She is a fantastic pencil sketch artist who holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Development Studies from The University of Padjajaran, and Masters in Business Administration from Prasetiya Mulya Business School in Jakarta. Diestra has broad experience as a business and treasury analyst in the shipping and energy industries. She believes that human creativity is the ultimate economic resource.

Putri Pelitasari, Member of Executive Boards

Putri is experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the human resources technology industry. Passionate in business and organizational development, change management and digital transformation.