Rumah Pintar Cikeas

One of the projects of the Tunggadewi Foundation is Rumah Pintar Cikeas, a free children’s learning centre that is dedicated to the community in Cikeas area (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). The facilities are mainly to educate children and their mothers that come from middle-low income family. This centre is a non-formal education facility with the purpose to enhance formal education, in addition to the formal schools system that provides children with fun learning system. Furthermore, Rumah Pintar Cikeas (RPC) develops mothers’ skills in many field to improve their life and increase their family welfare.

Rumah Pintar Cikeas was established in 2009 by Tunggadewi Foundation and located in Cikeas – Jawa Barat. The facilities consist of several centres including baby centre, education centre, library, computer lab, training centre and outbound centre.

Rumah Pintar Facilities

The first lady of Indonesia, Mrs. Hj. Ani Bambang Yudhoyono in March 25, 2010, launched Cikeas Smart House. The Centre has the following facilities:

With wide selection of books designed to develop children’s intellectual ability, stimulate imagination, gain knowledge and develop social skills, and problem solving through different activities. Some activities, include story telling, book discussion group, play-role drama from the story that they read, and write stories inspired by their favorite books.

This Centre is complete with educational toys that are certified safe for children and have standard educational purposes. The RPC uses the Montessori method combine with Indonesian traditional toys to stimulate children’s interest by self-directed activity. It involves a curriculum of learning that comes from the child’s own natural inner self. There are 5 basic categories: practical life (practicing daily activities), sensorial (stimulate sensory of human), math (learning and practicing math in daily life), language (recognize words), and culture (learning about human habits and diversity). Other categories are Geography (children’s understanding about themselves in space), History (Children’s imagination about time), and science (interaction with nature).

This centre is designed to provide knowledge through educational films from DVDs and VCDs from all over the world, which involve nature, geography, language, arts, math, science, culture, diversity, etc. They can also learn about live performances including dramas, dance, music, and Puppet Theater, both traditional and international. The purpose is that children will attain positive values from these performances and show them knowledge, skills, and self-confident.

The aim of this centre is to introduce children to computers and how to use them well. This centre is provided with Internet connection, in which we hope that the children in the area will have the opportunity to access up-to-date information and to be able to keep pace with the other children: long distance friends other areas, cities or even other countries. Moreover, the computers are equipped with the latest computer application and educational software for the children to learn how to type and to use technology in practicing math, language, geography, nature, science, news and many more.

It is widely accepted that the golden age for child growth and development is from birth to the age of 5 years. This centre is designed for infants and toddlers from 6 months – 5 years, with the purpose to stimulate their brain function as well as their motor skills and sensorial development. The activities include, baby gym, music sessions, art classes, parachute time, circle time, bubbles, sensorial stimulation, colors and shapes, language, counting, social interaction, and family time.

This centre is designed specially for the women. While their children are participating in activities at Rumah Pintar, the mother will learn all kinds of crafts from sewing to cooking. The crafts that they produce will be sold at Rumah Pintar or any Bazaar that we participated.

Environment is part of our life. Creating a green environment for educational purposes will increase children’s awareness towards their surroundings. In this centre, children also learn how to plant trees, flowers and clean fish pond. By teaching the children to take care of environment will generate their awareness on maintaining green and healthy environment.