Tunggadewi Foundation is a non-profit organization established by Annisa Pohan, Aliya Rajasa, Sheila Herbowo and seven other Indonesian women as a platform where they implement activities relating to social responsibility, education, and women & children care in response to existing public problems in Indonesia.

This commitment was then translated into reality through the establishment of Tunggadewi Foundation in early 2009 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The name of Tunggadewi was derived from a queen of The Majapahit Kingdom (long before Indonesia’s independence) and was known for her wisdom and justice that brought prosperity and well-being to her people. By choosing this name, we hope that Tunggadewi Foundation will be one of the leading social organization that is capable to promote positive well-being to the people on a wide scale by focusing on empowering women and enhancing children’s welfare.

From Left to Right:
Sarah A. Djanaka, Syarinta Kamaranti, Dwi Santi Vitorini, Venny Veronica, Sheila Herbowo, Annisa Pohan, Aliya Rajasa, Dita Ayudya, Diestra Karteniza, Selly Harahap.