Jendela Dunia

In 2013, we created ​​a new program called “Window on the World”


Books are sources of knowledge because by reading the book will give insight and increase individual’s level of knowledge. Similarly, the computer literacy, the rapid development of technology that affect all of our lives makes computer becomes an integral part, therefore technological knowledge should be possessed by every individual to accelerate development of knowledge and to be able to survive in this global era. Those two components are important in improving the knowledge of each individual.

Based on our experience in managing a free non-formal education facilities for children in Rumah Pintar Cikeas, we learn that computer lab and library have the highest demand by visitors, this mainly due to the high cost of buying books and computers, as well as the absence of such facilities in educational institutions around. The absence of a library or
computer labs in an educational institution either formal and non-formal is commonly found in Indonesia, this is because of the limited funds and unequal distribution of educational facilities in the country.

Seeing the needs for a proper library and computer lab as most areas do not have public library for free learning center, in order to address this issue, Tunggadewi Foundation created a program called “Jendela Dunia” in the believe that education and skills in advance technology will help the young generation always get updated on knowledge and the global world. This program aims to facilitate community center and educational institutions to develop their own libraries and computer lab (starting from one computer and one printer).



Rumah Susun Sederhana Sewa (Rusunawa) Marunda
Owned by the DKI Jakarta Province.
Cluster B Blok 10
Marunda – North Jakarta
(Has been inaugurated in December 3rd, 2013 by the Governor of DKI Jakarta.)


  • 1000 Underprivileged Families
  • ±700 Children (3 to 13 years old)


Considering the large number of school-age children in the location, then specifically for Rusunawa Marunda, we add an educational room at the facilities, this room is equipped with educational toys that are certified safe for children and have standard educational purposes.