Disaster Relief

Auction Tea Time Charity Event :

Solidarity Project To Rebuild Sumatra Barat.

By visiting Padang and directly witnessed the impact of the earthquake, Tunggadewi Foundation feels that our contribution were limited to rebuild Sumatra Barat. Hence, we are determined to continue and build solidarity activities to help and give support to the victims in Padang. The Foundation held an auction charity event to raise fund. This event focused in auctioning clothes and jewelry from well-known Indonesian designers, other Indonesian garments and costumes/dresses with historical value.

Auction Tea Time Charity Event :

Journey following the earthquake disaster in October 2009.

Tunggadewi Foundation collected and distributed six tons of major aids that consist of canned food, clothes, sanitation products, school supplies, toys, and baby amenities. Tunggadewi Foundation visited Pariaman and Agam, the two areas that were mostly affected by the earthquake.

Sharing Love With Others – by Sheila Herbowo

I was amazed by the beautiful scenery that this city has to offer when I landed for the first time in Padang. As the Tunggadewi team and I drove into town, my feeling of amazement was being replaced by grieve and shock as I see the after affect of the earthquake. At the end of our trip, we decided to help build three classrooms for Kartika Jaya Highschool and a small housing compound for the orphanages at Puti Bungsu Orphanage. Even though we can only help few victims, it is always helpful to help the children to gain more security, and I am sure that through constant nurturing in education, the children will be able to recuperate out from this terrible disaster.


Days Better Than Today – by Vitorini

Mount Merapi erupted on the 25th October 2010. Hot vulcanic ash and cold lava erupted everyday have taken civilians’ lives, houses, and ruined many public properties around the area of Yogyakarta, Magaleng, Boyolali and the surroundings.
On 11th November 2010, we, the Tunggadewi Team immediately tried to help by donating and distributing food and basic needs to shelters at Gudang Tembako-Semaken-Muntilan, Balai Desa Jamus Kauman, Ponpes Putri Ad-Dahariah-Muntilan, Pesantren Gunung Pring-Muntilan, and Titik Pengungsian SMS Muhammadiya-Ngluwar. In order for us to deliver our donation to Boyolali, the closest town to Mount Merapi, we worked together with SAR team, which is based at Boyolali Town Hall. This experience has given valuable knowledge. It has taught me how to interact and approach these victims and helped them to gain their confidence mentally and physically. There will be days better than today, and hopefully with these experience, the victims will grow stronger to face the future.